Rating System

My rating system:

★★★★★       5 stars              Literal perfection! I loved it so much I recommend this book
.                                                  to everyone. Absolutely amazing.
★★★★☆       4 ½ stars          Great book! Close to perfect.
★★★★           4 stars              Really good read, enjoyed a lot of things about the story
★★★☆           3 ½ stars          Pretty good book, not too bad overall, but there were some
.                                                  things I didn’t like
★★★               3 stars             About average, nothing too extraordinary but nothing too terrible
★★☆               2 ½ stars         There were some good parts, but I didn’t really like it overall
★★                  2 stars              I didn’t enjoy the book, there were too many things that bothered me
★☆                  1 ½ stars          I really didn’t like it, it wasn’t my cup of tea
★                      1 star               I hated it and literally nothing would make me change my mind
☆                     0.5 stars           DNF/Seriously considered DNF’ing a million times, but kept going
.                                                  purely because I hate DNF’ing books.