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Hi there!

Thanks for stumbling onto my blog! DSC_1086-tiny
I’m Shanayah, I live in Australia and I enjoy reading. A lot. I try to read a lot of different genres, but I tend to read a lot more YA novels. I have too many favourite series to list them all here! I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Business (which definitely sucks up a lot of my book-reading time 😢) at uni. While most of my hobbies revolve around books (aka, book photography, bookish crafts etc.), I do love music with a passion, although I enjoy listening rather than playing, since I’m not very good with instruments! Haha

All of my reviews are honest, unbiased and typically spoiler-free, although if I do put a spoiler, I’ll also put a warning. My reviews are additionally posted on Goodreads. I get the publishing information from the publisher’s Australian website (when available), so please notify me if any information is incorrect and I will update it immediately. All covers on my blog are either Australian covers or US covers. While the covers on the preview bars are inconsistent in country edition, I put both cover editions inside the actual review (or at least I try to, sometimes I forget, sorry!).

I’m happy to accept review copies of books, whether it be a hard copy or a digital format, however, please note that I mostly read and enjoy Young Adult fiction, but I’m willing to discuss if you have a different genre book. If you would like the book to be photographed and uploaded to my bookstagram, I will need a physical copy. If you’re looking to contact me, you can either email me at scarletbookkeeper@gmail.com or tweet me at @shanayahreads. *10/04/2018* – Please note that due to other obligations, it will take quite a while before I am able to get to any new books.

Just so you all know, I am an affiliate of The Book Depository, a company that sells discounted books with free worldwide shipping (free worldwide shipping!), and if you use my link to purchase a book you’re interested in from them, I will get a small commission, so if you decide to purchase form them using my link, I would be very appreciative 🙂

Please feel free to recommend and comment anything!

Shanayah x

28 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for passing by. Mark your thing (Karl, not Grouch)? Yet the world needs the message of Jesus more, but churches aren’t very counter cultural though. That was a subtext on my Marx review. Society is sick. Karl had some ideas, some of which are still relevant. But he was no sweetie, and subsequent followers were real horrors. Anyhow, all the best from Blighty

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  2. Hey thank you so much for following my blog and liking my post, I noticed when scrolling through your blog, the colour you use for the text in your posts is a really light grey. It’s really hard to see, you’d be better off, with either a black; or a really dark colour if you didn’t want black. Alternatively you can use pastel colours that still have some saturation to them. If you’re unsure at all, feel free to ask me questions, I’m honestly just trying to help ❤

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      1. No worries, I don’t think it’s the quotation text. I think its the main body of text in all your posts it seems like? Always happy to help ❤


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