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Blog Tour: Rosie…the bestie EVERY Girl in Between needs!| Guest Post: Girl in Between by Anna Daniels

Thanks so much to Allen & Unwin for this opportunity! As a part of the blog tour for Girl in Between by Anna Daniels, I’m super excited to share this guest post written by the lovely Anna herself, check out my review here!

‘Yeah, right, as if spending forty hours a week looking into people’s mouths and dealing with kids who eat too many bloody lollies freaking out while I do their fillings would improve my life,’ says Rosie, chucking a WHO Magazine onto the coffee table and picking up a copy of HELLO!. ‘Fat chance. So, are there any husbands next door for you or what?’

From the moment Rosie first sweeps into Lucy Crighton’s lounge room, resplendent in lycra, we are drawn to her like moths to a light. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told! Whilst Lucy may be the protagonist in Girl in Between, I believe her bestie Rosie, and Mum, Denise, are the heroes!

Rosie is a feisty, attractive, whip-smart free-spirit, who’s wild at heart and loyal to the core. She says what she thinks and isn’t fazed by how people react, but beyond her jokey exterior she is compassionate and warm, and her cheeky retorts and ribbings (mostly of Lucy’s Dad, Brian!) are met with laughter and affection. She could be the poster girl for Mark Manson’s ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F#*k’.

For Lucy, Rosie is the perfect best friend…the sole person who can have her in fits of laughter one moment, and reduce her to tears the next. From the initial first chapters where Rosie looks Lucy up and down before commenting on her outfit, ‘maybe pop another top on?’ to the Japanese mud onsen where the girls float about chatting over Oscar and Trent the Tradie, there is a lovely trust and honesty between them.

Lucy lets her guard down around Rosie in a way which she’d never do with her parents Denise and Brian, and when she skirts around facing some uncomfortable realities, Rosie is always quick to hold up a mirror, and cheer her on to change.

It is Rosie’s blazing faith and belief in Lucy that gives her the confidence to move forward and commit to a plan. Like Billie Proudman to Nina in Offspring, Rosie is a character that we want in our lives, or wish to be. I certainly know that is the case for my publisher at Allen & Unwin, Louise Thurtell, who often refers to Rosie as her soul-sister!

When you’re a girl in between relationships, careers and cities, having the one constant of a best friend can see you through all the other uncertainties.

As Lucy Crighton says herself, ‘When I get lost in my thoughts, she’s always there, with a torch, guiding me out of the wilderness of my mind.’

Girl in Between
by Anna Daniels is published by Allen & Unwin, RRP $29.99, available now.

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Anna Daniels has enjoyed great success as a comedic storyteller since kicking off her career by winning the ABC’s ‘Comedy Segment of the Year Award’ for an interview with Russell Crowe. She then went on to co-create the ABC’s first online sketch comedy series ‘Tough at the Top’ with Melbourne comedian, Anne Edmonds. For several years Anna wrote and presented funny upbeat stories for The Project, winning over viewers with her warm, silly, endearing style. Having grown up in Rockhampton, she particularly championed the stories and characters of rural and regional Australia with affection and humour. As well as The Project, Anna has written, presented and/or produced radio, TV and online content for Queensland Weekender, Red Symons’ Breakfast Show, and the BBC One series, ‘John Bishop’s Australia’. Anna can now be heard presenting statewide programs on 612 ABC Brisbane.
Twitter: @annadtweets • Instagram: @annamdaniels • Website: Anna M Daniels



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